Rosebrock Ranch was founded in 2010.  We first purchased 75 acres, unsure of how much we would utilize or enjoy the "farm" as we originally referred to the property.  The little two bedroom farmhouse had a sign on the front porch that this "farm has been in the same family for over 100 years."  One of our goals is to keep that "family" feel about the property and that it be a welcoming place for all to relax and leave their stress behind.  When we began having family members sleeping on the floor, we began to look to expand sleeping options.  We found a house belonging to a family friend that agreed to sell us the house (ten kids were raised in the house) and we had it moved on and did a few renovations but tried to keep the era of the house intact as much as possible.  
In 2012, an additional 75 acres of the original farm came available and we added to the ranch. and again, in 2015, we were able to purchase 100 more acres.  You will find a menagerie of animals at the ranch.  My love for longhorns is evident by the number of cows we run.  My wife's goal is to make visiting children smile and enjoy the country life so we have miniature horses, donkeys, mules, llamas, alpaca and a zebra!

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